30 Day Horror Review – Conclusion

The end of the month! Hurraaaaaaaaah! And now I have no idea what to do with my afternoons. Maybe I’ll start weight-lifting. Or get around to reading that book about the treatment of victims in the criminal justice system. Ah well, I won’t be stuck for something to do for long, as I already have some ideas for further reviews. Mwah ha haaa.
Now I’d like to present the winners – the horror films that stood out from their respective categories. The films I appreciated the most. The films I want you to see. Here we go!

As if you couldn’t guess. I’ve had this on my list for years and was so, so glad to be able to tick it off. It’s fabulously gory and bloody, and is probably the best film involving a cabin in the woods (with the possible exception of The Cabin in the Woods, but I haven’t seen that yet. I’m saving it). This film, like The Lost Boys, is very easy to watch again and again, and that is undoubtedly what I shall be doing.

This one was more of a difficult pick. Although John Carpenter’s The Thing is the King of Body Horrors and I have to give it the higher rating on principle, I found that THIS film appealed to me just slightly more. The characters are memorable and interesting, and the horror elements are memorable and interesting as well. Also, Jeff Goldblum.


COMEDY HORROR – An American Werewolf in London
The only one of the bunch that made me properly laugh. I feel like Black Sheep was trying really hard to make the most of its single joke – THERE’S SHEEP! – but American Werewolf was more understated, and more of a dark comedy which I much prefer.

This film was a tad easier to watch than Nosferatu, although that film’s not without its charms. As someone who’s BEEN a Dracula for Hallowe’en – twice – I was thrilled with Bela Lugosi’s performance, and Renfield wasn’t bad either. It’s just a good film, what can I say?

Not a lot of competition here – Arachnophobia was too laboured, and don’t get me started on The Day of the Triffids again. Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds is an enjoyable film even if you aren’t a horror fan. It’s got a good plot, well-developed characters and great use of suspense.

A horror classic, and for good reason. The viewer feels invested in Rosemary and sorry for her tragic plight. The horror is ALL psychological, and it’s an uncomfortably plausible one that speaks to our distrust of strangers and the unknown. To be honest, the other films in this category are good too, but they were both more supernatural, which distanced me from the proceedings a bit.

As you may have guessed, I’m not too fond of sci-fi (except for Red Dwarf, which has a special place in my heart). So in the end, I had to pick the film that was most ingrained into public consciousness. The alien creature is a beautifully-crafted monster that sticks in people’s heads even if they haven’t seen the films, so it must be doing something right.

Yep, had to go with Hitchcock again! The man knew how to build suspense and atmosphere, which are, I think, some of the most important features of a horror film. Norman Bates was also a more captivating character than I was expecting, so, you know… bonus!

This one had the highest rating, and I couldn’t forgive myself for putting it below Hostel just because I didn’t understand everything that was said. After all, shouldn’t a horror film be able to communicate to its audience without words? Also, I did happen to mention that it was the Queen of Splatter Films, at least in terms of what I’ve already seen. Do you know a film that has more violence and bloodshed? Do feel free to drop me a comment if you think you have.

ZOMBIE FILM – Night of the Living Dead
Yeah, I know I said I preferred The Return of the Living Dead, but Night of the Living Dead did it all first, and is the original zombie film. George A. Romero’s done so much for the genre, apparently, and so he gets the top spot. If you’re a newcomer to this sub-genre and are wondering where to start, I say start at the beginning like I’ve tried to.

And, er, that’s all I have to say.

Thank you all so much for reading my 30 Day Horror Review! If we’re all still here next June, I’ll do another one – hopefully I’ll have more horror movies under my belt by then! If you’d like to see me watch and review a particular film, do let me know by leaving a comment or sending an email.
My name is Emily, and my adventure in Horrorland is just beginning…


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