Emily Reads Horror – SHORT STORY – Crows (Frank Nicholas)

Hullo there! This is the first short story I chose to read out. It came from a British horror anthology I picked up in a tiny, tiny bookshop in Birmingham. And I like British horror stories. They have an oddly distinct style to them. Maybe because we don’t do the whole ‘tales round a campfire’ thing which still happens in America, according to my not-reputable-at-all sources. I don’t know, I feel like the protagonists in British horror stories are always adjusting their monocles, stiffening their upper lips, thinking to themselves, “Well, this haunted hotel room is NOTHING like what I saw in the brochure”, etc. etc.

The main character in this one is particularly enjoyable. He’s a wicked estate agent character who isn’t above bumping people off in order to get what he wants. Not by himself, obviously, he has a guy, but all the same. He’s almost cartoonishly evil, and that was fun to read out.

The storyline about the birds in the attic was an interesting one, and it left some questions unanswered, which I thought was unusual. I will say that the attack of the ghost birds, skeleton birds, whatever, right at the end, was kind of ridiculous. A crow’s egg full of spiders? How does that even happen?

*goes to YouTube to watch spiders hatching from eggs*



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