Emily Reads Horror – CREEPYPASTA – Tulpa

This is a creepypasta that I skim-read some time ago. I decided to give it another once-over and read it aloud for EAIH. The story is fairly creepy and has sort of a Jekyll and Hyde vibe, as you might expect.

It was also interesting to find out about real-life tulpa-conjuring, which actually tended to be based in Eastern Buddhism and was appropriated into Western practices. Now we’ve got online forums full of grown men and women talking about their imaginary friends. Sounds about right.

The story runs with the idea of a tulpa forming a life and a mind of its own, which can be a scary thought. However, it’s not without its flaws. The protagonist, whatever his name is, seems to jettison family and friends a little too readily in favour of this shadow version of himself. Honestly, I can’t see the benefit of talking to your other self all the time. The way he discussed old flames with the Tulpa and crowed with him about their victories made him come off a bit… Rimmerish.


I was also perturbed at the offhand way our hero mentioned the horrific, gruesome murder of his own sister. I don’t care if you have been estranged from family for several months, that kind of news ought to knock you for six!

So, anyway, when I read this one aloud, I tried to keep up an American accent I’d borrowed from one of my favourite YouTubers. It’s not perfect, but I can only get better with practice (or so suggest the laws of probability). I hope you enjoy the video, and let me know what you thought of this creepypasta!





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