Emily Reads Horror – CREEPYPASTA – The Russian Sleep Experiment

It’s been too long, hasn’t it?

Yes, today I decided to read another creepypasta, and went for one of the better ones (apparently). This one frequently appears on other people’s lists of Best Pastas Ever. I can sort of see why. I always feel like the best horror is based on things that could have happened; that way, the scares feel more legitimate and the story itself more plausible. This is why Candle Cove, a story about a half-remembered television show, works so well, and Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Limited Edition, in which the player literally kills President Obama via a video game, doesn’t work at all.

But anyway. The Russian Sleep Experiment. This is clearly based on some of the awful occurrences of the Second World War, especially the vile experiments carried out by people like Shiro Ishii. Under his command, test subjects, including women, children and babies, were forced to undergo human vivisection without anaesthesia, along with other more gruesome experimentation. Of course, in this creepypasta, the subjects are more than willing to undergo these procedures just to stay awake, which makes it all the more disturbing.

As you may already know, this pasta is about five test subjects who are placed in a gas-filled room in an attempt to keep them awake for 15 days. I’m not sure what use this sort of gas would be, even from a militaristic standpoint. Why not just have all your soldiers take power-naps in the trenches and call it a day? Just give them a quick flick on the nose when their eyelids start to flutter.

Now then… as I continued to read, I realised that there was going to be a lot of blood and gore and viscera and… blood, all over the place. One could argue that a well-told story can get away with graphic content, but personally I didn’t care for it. After a while, all the gore started to wash clean over me, and now I’m sitting here, quite red and sticky, but not at all astonished. And I see what the author was going for, making it all sound as scientific and official as possible, but then s/he drops the occasional sentence about people blowing each other’s brains out, which is a bit weird for a story told from a third person omniscient POV. I also noticed a few grammatical errors and missing words which I tried to correct in my reading. Hey, pobody’s nerfect.

Speaking of my reading, a friend of mine recommended that I do the whole thing with a Russian accent. I decided against this, but I did have a go at the accent whenever a researcher or test subject spoke. You be the judge, but I think I sound a bit…


Maybe I just shouldn’t do accents. Or maybe I should practice them when I’ve got nothing else to do. For the Russian one, I did have that film Orphan to help me out, as well as a few YouTube videos of native speakers.

So this creepypasta was, in my opinion, OK. It has an interesting idea behind it, and I do have to wonder just what would have happened if the ‘thing’ at the end really had got its freedom. Certainly nothing good.

Thanks for reading this, and if you know of any good (or terrible) creepypastas or short stories that you’d like me to cover, go ahead and let me know! Yaaaaaaay, yippee skip! Tiddly pom.


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