Emily was born at a very early age. She discovered an interest in horror in her final year at university, during which time she wrote her undergraduate dissertation, ‘Creepypastas and the effect of the online short horror story on the horror genre’. Truth be told, she found it a bit spooky, watching Slenderman videos in the library ’til 3am and walking home in the dark.

The 30 Day Horror Review is an attempt to watch and review 30 films in the month of June, covering a range of subgenres across several decades of horror cinema.

Horror Icons will look at horror’s most iconic and influential characters: Count Dracula, Hannibal Lecter, Freddy, Jason, Ghostface, Michael Myers, Jigsaw, Pinhead and many more.

Look What I Found! is just what it sounds like: anything discovered on streaming media providers, in discount and charity shops, or lurking amongst the other DVDs at home. Each one will be subject to great cynicism, and of course a jam sandwich rating out of ten.

In particular, the segment Yeerie YouTube examines a range of online videos that serve to entertain the viewer in a fearful and unsettling manner. (This has nothing to do with ‘The Weird Side’ of YouTube, which mostly concerns itself with blackheads and botfly removal. Yeugh.)

And finally, Reader Requests is also exactly what it sounds like. Any reader can ask for a certain film to be reviewed, and they may also choose to be identified by name, and to have their own views and opinions incorporated into the review.

Thanks for dropping by!

Got any comments, questions or suggestions? Just send an email to emilygood93@yahoo.co.uk or leave a comment at the bottom of the page!


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