30 Day Horror Review – Introduction

As I gazed this morning into the garden, which was bathed in sunlight and filled with bright, cheerful rows of flowers, I realised that now would be the perfect time to embark upon a month of thrills and frights through the medium of horror cinema. After all, summer is fast approaching, which means I’m already behind with my plans for a Halloween costume. (Female Cenobite is the one to beat!)

Anyway, while I prepare for the spookiest night of the year, I thought I’d pass the time by completing a 30 Day Horror Review. I plan to watch and review one film for every day in the month of June. Hopefully I, and anyone who reads this, will discover some good finds along the way (and if we find any bad ones, we’ll know in future to ward them away like so many vampires from a stick of garlic bread).

I’ve decided to place a few rules and restrictions on myself before I begin the challenge.

1)    I’ll try to stay clear of the classic and iconic horror franchises, in case I decide to tackle them separately at some point.

2)    I’ll be grouping my films into the ten subgenre categories I found on Wikipedia, and will try to select a representative few to go into each category.

Action Horror;

Body Horror;

Comedy Horror;

Gothic Horror;

Natural Horror;

Psychological Horror;

Science Fiction Horror;

Slasher Film;

Splatter Film;

and Zombie Film.

3)    There will be some spoilers. Just saying’.

Thus begins Emily’s Adventures in Horrorland. Mwah ha ha!


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