Update (i.e. the YouTube thing)

Hullo there, esteemed horror-hounds! …I’m sure somebody else has already bagsied that phrase, but oh well.
As you may have noticed, I’ve made the transition from written reviews to video reviews. It’s not that I don’t enjoy writing down my thoughts on scary films – far from it! But most of my influences over the last few years have come from YouTube, and I just fancied giving it a try.
So, once a week, I plan to release a video review, but I’d also like to expand my horizons a bit by reading some horror literature. And yes, this can include creepypastas. I’ll include a link here to my first reading of a horror story.

Shpooky shtuff. Ahem.
Naturally, I’m still open to requests for videos, films (I haven’t forgotten about you, Anonymous person who asked for ‘Prince of Darkness’!) and now short stories/creepypastas to tackle.
Thank you to everyone on WordPress who’s chosen to follow me! I’m… flabbergasted, frankly. I hope you’ll continue to enjoy my adventures through Horrorland.

…You know, just the other day I was grumbling about the fact that there were no horror films showing at the Odeon for Hallowe’en, and then an idea hit me. Why not make a horror film about a monster or spirit who attacks people at November 5th celebrations? He could have been one of the guys executed for the Gunpowder Plot. Not Guy Fawkes himself, obviously, as he was hung, drawn and quartered, but yeah, somebody like that. He could be made out of fire, shoot roman candles out of his fingers, maybe manifest in bonfires, and be able to travel through different ones, like a big bonfire network. And if you showed the film around Hallowe’en, people could start ratcheting up their terror in time for November. …Yeah! One day I’ll get it green-lit. After Zowlbies, of course.

Coming soon to a straight-to-DVD near you!
Coming soon to a straight-to-DVD near you!

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